Chairman’s Message

Mr. Kanwarjeet Singh Wadhwa

Trust, hard work, professionalism, sincerity, honesty, these are the golden rules which we strictly follow. Our goal is concisely expressed by the corporate statement of Grace group “Changes For Better” . By reorganizing our partners supply chains with the best-suited solution we support our partners business development and growth, through which we contribute to the realization of a more dynamic and rewarding future for all especially with the new generation taking over with innovation approach and vision.

A completely self-made man, a scholarship holder, an outstanding sportsman and all-rounder in school and college; his formal education went beyond the theoretical knowledge as he started to work at an early age when became a key founder member of Air India Cargo in 1971.
Having the technical and professional knowledge himself and a vision in his mind, Mr. Wadhwa started from a scratch and built up to grow over the years a logistics realm. It is his forethought and efforts with the entire team of Grace which gave the company a well recorded and an impressive history to become one of the leading freight forwarding company of India.
Mr. Wadhwa has also been President of the honoured Air Cargo Club of Delhi, which comprises of the top official of the airline and the forwarding fraternity and has won many awards as the top contributor of major international airlines consecutively through the years.